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August 10, 2013
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.:Colossus-Atrox:. Axel Verstraete by T3RII .:Colossus-Atrox:. Axel Verstraete by T3RII
I'M JOINING WITH :icontearsofrubies: bby<333
ahhh i have so many introverts :iconomgcryplz:
omg this took me hours
i really hope i get in

[[ TASK 1 ]]

Name: Axel Verstraete
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 138 lbs

Ethnicity: Belgian
Squad: Scouting Legion

Agility: 6
Combat: 5
Teamwork: 3
Strategy: 6
Defense: 5
Total: 25


+Amber his childhood friend (But he doesn't like to admit it) :iconpervheplz:
+ Writing in his diary
+ Using his 3DMG
+ Animals
+ Chocolatebecause he's belgian duh//hithit
+ Being by himself
+ His family
+ Clear Skies
+ Fresh air
+ Nature
+ secretly likes drinking


- Titans (obviously)
- His father
- Lazy ass people
- Noisy people
- People who take things for granted
- Stupid, blunt people
- large crowds of people
- People who underestimate him
- Annoying people
- People who don't listen
- Being ignored by people
- people people people
- Bad weather (storms, rain..etc)
- Ultra perverts even though his childhood friend is one
- Being force-fed by Amber
- Being groped cough dont pretend :iconimsopervyplz://hit
- Anyone that hurts Amber<333



Animal Lover|| Short-Tempered|| Introvert|| Reserved|| Determined|| Straightforward|| Can be caring||
If you get to know Axel, you can't really tell what emotion he is in because he looks intimadating almost all the time. He doesn't really take the effort to talk to someone. So he needs to meet someone who is willing to become friends with him. Quite often, he engages into a conversation- as long as they don't anger him. But once you annoy him, he'll just come right out and say it. He feels that there's no point keeping his anger from a person or else they won't do anything that will make it better for him. Axel is straightforward with his opinions, meaning that he is opinionated. That's why he can be rude towards other people, he just spits out what he thinks about it. Despite that, he is a reserved person, he doesn't say much about himself when you first meet him, or anything that can either embarrass him or make him look vulnerable.

Now, it's quite obvious that he is introverted, other than that, he is very friendly towards animals. He's like a completely different person! He tends to be in a good mood when near animals, it would be good timing to talk to him once he's in his "happy mood", because he's more lively and cheerful rather than being like a naggy-pants- but being near animals is not the only time that he'd be happy. Even though it might not look like it, once you get close to him. He will be happy talking to you, and generally more open, like how he his with his auntie and his cousin... Well, he's really close with Amber and is happy being with her, even though it might not look like it. Once he cares about someone, he is willing to stand up for them and get to know them better.


Past Story:

Axel had a difficult childhood to start with, his biological mother died as soon as he gave birth to him, then soon after, his biological father disappeared. So, his aunt from his mother's side had to take care of him, along with her husband; his uncle. He spent pretty much a few years growing up thinking that they were his real parents, but they weren't afraid of accepting him as their son. Because they raised him during childhood. Anyway, he had always been a quiet, shy child, he didn't really talk to other children. Instead, he would just take a piece of paper and sit outside behind a tree writing about his surroundings, that's how he had come to love writing. He always found it so peaceful and relaxing. Usually, he also spent time with his uncle's dog, called 'Modder' which meant dirt in dutch (//ming) and it was his only friend- but not for long.

Once he turned 6 years old, his aunt had to break it to him the truth that they weren't his biological parents. He took in the news pretty well, but he began to question, "What happened to my parents?" "Did they want me?" "Who were they?".. His aunt and uncle were willing to answer them, but at the same time, careful with how they were going to answer because they didn't want to hurt his geelings. His auntie told him that his mother was young and weak when she gave birth to him, and how his father disappeared as soon as he was born. He didn't look bothered at all, but deep inside he felt anger towards his real father for not loving and keeping him as his son. He thought to himself, 'One day, if I meet my real father, I'm going to make him regret letting me go.' He had discovered anger that he had never felt before.

As a young child, he grew very close to his aunt, it's as if she was his real mother. They used to play small games together, card games and share stories about the past. How it was like when the Titans attacked over a century ago, because her grandma was there to experience the action. Axel saw the Titans as predators who want the extinction of humans, he felt that it was their instinct. But during that time, he never really had interest about the titans because that attack was a long time ago, and it was less likely that they would attack again. Especially when there's a huge 50m wall protecting them. He just wanted to live a peaceful life inside of the walls, with his aunt and uncle who loved him, and that was enough to not ask for anything more. Soon, he found out that his aunt was pregnant, granting him a sister, who was not related by blood. Her name was Mathilde; the name of his real mother.

As years flew by, when he had turned 11, it was just like any other day for him. Where he would spend the whole afternoon either playing with Modder, talking with his aunt or just observing his surroundings. On that day, he found a small hill where he would look over it, watching kids playing around, people living their normal lives. But he thought to himself, 'Is this really how I'm going to spend the rest of my life?' He looked up at the sky, it was a clear, blue sky that day, he wondered...How vast is it? How big is the world compared to the wall that is protecting us? He'd always thought that he had no purpose in life. Then he watched as a flock of birds flying over the sky then out of nowhere, he heard the voice of a young girl, he looked at her. He recognised her, she was the young girl who lived next to him. She saw him watch the birds that were flying by, "They are so beautiful. And they fly, fly to freedom. They don't have to be cooped up in a cage or anything. They are free...that's why I admire them." she said. One word rung in his head freedom, What is freedom?... True freedom He slightly hesitated, but he admitted that they were. He could sense in the young girl that she wanted to be as free as those birds, her eyes clearly shown it. He'd never seen anyone like her. She introduced herself as Amber Harris, and in return, he introduced himself as Axel Verstraete. From then on, he made his first real friend.

As they both grew up together, she told him how living outside the walls would be amazing, although, he wasn't quite sure at first, "I don't understand, why do you want to risk your life just to live outside the walls. We already have everything we need." He asked, but Amber looked at Axel and smiled, "Axel, we shouldn't live life just for the sake of it. We should always look ahead and search for better possibilities." She described to him that outside the walls, there are mountains, vast oceans and uknown territory. Axel was inspired by her determination to earn true freedom, where they could live better lives. From the stories that his aunt told him, where humankind ruled the world, before the Titans took that power from them. He dreamt that he was going to have an adventure, with his best friend, Amber. That's when they both promised that they would join the military together as soon as they become old enough.

But they soon found out that their dream was going to be hard to achieve. In the year 845, a Colossal titan appeared before them, peering over Wall Maria. Amber and Axel were together at the time, How is this possible.. that wall is 50 meters tall.. He could feel his heart beating against his chest. Silence flew over the huge crowd that had gathered before the Titan, that's when he found out that Titans were more terrifying than what he thought they were. His mind was blank, his mind and his body couldn't function at those brief moments, he couldn't tell what he was feeling- was he scared? was he shocked? .. Then the walls burst open as debree flew everywhere, he could see a small, sharp boulder heading towards his way. Before he knew it, Amber ran in front of him and saved him, but the impact was so great that a piece of sharp metal had scraped his back and his leg. His senses came back to him and felt the sharp pain that had engraved into his skin- he realised that all of this was real, and his best friend was hurt from saving his life. He grabbed her by the shoulder and saw her eye bleeding profusely, she shouted in agony. Her injury was 10x worse than his so there was no reason to complain about his scrape. But there was no time to thank her, he looked up- The wall was destroyed. The wall that had protecting him from the truth, had betrayed him. All he thought at that very moment, was to run. Run the hell away from the Titans. Amber grabbed him by the hand and immediately ran towards Wall Rose. He saw the grim images of people; human beings being eaten by these horrible creatures. Everything was dyed in red, but all they could ever focus on was surviving. The promise of living freely with Amber, they can't just die now. As soon as they arrived to Wall Rose with the military, she remembered about her mother. She screamed and screamed, trying to run back. His heart jumped, mom.. dad...mathilde... But they couldn't go back now, they just made it into safety. He held her firmly as tears started to well up in his eyes, it was the first time he had cried for years, he glared at her, "You can't go back now! You'll be eaten by titans!" He shouted, she still refused and tried to run back, but Axel grabbed hold of her and dragged her as they both reached safety.

Hours after the attack, the gate of Wall Rose had closed. The people left in Wall Maria died, thousands. He was happy for Amber, that she had found her mother. But he panicked, his heart couldn't bear it, he had to find his family. He shoved along the crowd, "MOM! DAD! MATHILDE!" He shouted as he dived in the crowd, as tears ran on his cheeks. He repeated over and over again as he looked around for his family. Eventually, he found his uncle, with Mathilde, he ran to them and hugged them tightly, they were both crying. But where was his aunt- "WHERE'S MOM WHERE'S MOM" He shouted as his voice cracked, his uncle looked at him with a solemn face. "Sh-She's..." He wasn't able to finish and dropped to his knees. Axel knew the answer, and screamed in agony. All the anger, and the emotions had flowed out of him, he has even more hatred against the Titans that he hadn't had before.

Soon after, Amber and Axel decided to join the military. As they promised.


- Amber inspired Axel when they were little. Her determination made Axel crave for the freedom they could achieve.
They made a promise that one day they'd explore the world together and discover things.
- The anger and emotion that had pent up inside him reached its peak. He wants to make his real father regret giving him up.
He wants to show him that his son grew up to be someone that shows real importance to humanity.
- He wants to make his aunt proud. She always told him about Titan's taking away the land that they had once before.
He wants to retrieve back the glory that the humans had once had.
- For loved ones, and his auntie who got killed by the Titans, who he calls 'Mother.'



- Amber is his childhood friend. coughcoughfuckbuddy :iconpardon2plz:
- Amber used to braid his hair, now it's kind of now his usual hairstyle.
- He has scars from the debree that had hit him- small ones on his leg, and a long one across his back.
- Amber often force-feeds Axel because he tends to refuse eating.
- He feels that he owes Amber for saving his life.
- His voice is quite surprisingly deep.
- He tends to drink every now and then, whispers but he's lightweight :iconheplz:

[[ TASK 2 ]]

- 11 year old Axel; before Wall Maria was breached -

Axel's eyes gently opened as the light beaming from the windows had woken him up. He had remembered that today was the day that he would play with Amber, he had known her for a few days already. He was actually pretty excited that he had his first human friend. He shuffled out of his bedsheets and ran into the living room, he was about to leave the door until he felt his shirt being tugged by something. He turned around and realized that it was his aunt. "Ah, Mom!" He exclaimed, she smiled at him. "Where are you going Mister?" He had remembered that he hadn't told her that he had made a friend. "..Uh.. I was going to go outside and play with someone." Her eyes immediately widened, "Really?" It was obvious that she was surprised that he had met someone to play with. "Who are they?" She grinned. Axel slightly hesitated and looked at the corner of his eye- he could see someone's face on the window that was near the front door. He kept looking back on forth from his aunt and to the window. It was Amber. "Uh.. Uh.." He raised his hand and pointed at the window, "That's her." She rotated around and saw Amber, she was surprised. His aunt rushed towards the door and opened it. Amber smiled, "I'm Amber Harris!" She waved at Axel's aunt, then Amber looked behind his aunt and mouthed to Axel, "You were taking too long so..." Then he sighed, does this girl have any patience. He approached the door, "Can I play with her ma?" He asked. His aunt smiled, "Why not." Then she leaned closer to his ear, "Just make sure it isn't a date." She whispered while giggling. Axel hesitated, "M-Ma!" He quickly walked outside and grabbed Amber's arm, "L-Let's go!"

[[ TASK 3 ]]

3A -

3B - Collab w/ ~TearsOfRubies

Either comments, notes or Skype!

warning he's an a-hole :iconmingplz:

Axel Verstraete belongs to *Teriiyu
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